Data Security

IT security is a major issue for businesses of all sizes.

In a business context, the term IT security relates to much more than just changing passwords on a regular basis.  It covers a wide range of operational categories including network perimeter security, physical security, access authorisation, online trading security, staff social networking and compliance with a variety of legislation.

This makes it a minefield for SME businesses most of which don’t have specialist resources in-house to fully understand and deal with such issues.

Your business can be at risk on many levels, from poor password protocols and weaknesses in the software you use to reveal new trends such as; your employees bringing their own devices to work that can expose your business networks to an additional risk.

It order to operate effectively you need complete confidence that you are protected and should the worst happen; know that you can address the issues quickly.

Avagio Data Security Solutions

If you are worried about how your networks and data are protected or what would happen to your business should the worst happen then our team can help?

Designed specifically for the SME market our IT security solutions mean that IT risk management has never been easier to achieve, or such value for money.

We can ensure your networks and data are safe and secure. Our IT security architectures include defence against external threats, with comprehensive solutions for your data security management, network antivirus solutions, web protection, intrusion blocking, wireless network security, virus removal, desktop and mobile device security, wireless protection, and vulnerability assessments to ensure our security solutions meet the specific challenges you face.

Ensure your employees understand the risks

In today’s security conscious environment it is important that your entire team understand the risks associated with data security and the importance of a cyber-security process.

Our Security Awareness Training is proving very popular with businesses across Wiltshire to help their employees about computer and cyber security including how to identify cyber threats or understanding the importance of safely managing data.

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To help ensure the security of your IT Networks and data get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.