As with everything we do at Avagio, we will assess your infrastructure, bandwidth limitations, business model and then help guide you through the myriad of choices around cloud technologies.

We will also make sure they integrate properly with legacy and on-premises needs so that they support your underlying business goals both now and in the future.

We can provide both Hosted Desktop and Avagio’s own Private Cloud Solutions. Find out more about them below and do not hesitate to

get in touch to find out what solution would work for your business.

Cloud Hosted Desktop

We provide hosted desktops also known as virtual desktops as part of our cloud solutions. They are all hosted in the UK and allow you to work from anywhere in the world at any time, with an Internet connection and an Internet-enabled device.

Security – Keeping Your Data Secure

To ensure we your data is protected to the highest possible security levels we use two of Europe’s most secure data centres. Both sites are accredited and certified to ISO 27001 and PCI DSS security standards.

Performance – Don’t get held back by poor internet connections

Our hosted desktop does not require processing or data to be transmitted via your internet connection. The data remains on our servers in the data centres and only screen scrapes and keystrokes travel over the internet. Consequently, required Internet connections are often lower than expected.

Our hosted desktop environment can even feel faster than our client’s old system due to the fact that we use enterprise-grade, high-performance servers and industry-leading storage arrays.

Reliability – Exactly What You Need When You Need it

In the unlikely event of a data centre failure, we have systems in place to guarantee your data is safeguarded and that there is minimal interruption to your business. We also use multiple ‘carrier-neutral’ internet suppliers at both sites providing reliability and very fast connections.

Avagio Private Cloud Solutions

For those customers that do not wish to use hosted desktops or other third-party solutions such as Azure, this solution puts all the functions of a traditional network in the cloud without the hassle of purchasing, owning and replacing your own equipment. Plus, you benefit from the added security that our UK data centre brings.

Benefits of our Private Cloud Solutions

  • Flexibility – You can add more storage, compute or memory as your needs grow.
  • Real-time Support – Our cloud solutions come with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Expert team on-hand – VIP Fully managed service directly from Avagio.
  • Protection – UK data centre security with full power N+1 redundancy, 24/7 CCTV, and cooling redundancy.
  • Integration – we offer hybrid cloud capabilities, allowing integration of on-premise solutions with other cloud platforms

Our private cloud solution is the ideal option if your business and team need to comply with the toughest security challenges and meet the strictest legal and regulatory concerns.


Avagio’s Cloud Partners

We partner with and support Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox cloud solutions.


Avagio are an Azure cloud services partner, but instead of only focusing on moving your business to Azure we ensure you get the most from this package so that you make the most of the power of Azure with less risk.

Office 365

Our team have been installing, migrating and supporting Microsoft Office 365 since it was first released. We currently support thousands of businesses using Office 365.

By using Avagio to provide Office 365 you will benefit from the additional support our highly trained engineers can provide from the moment you begin to migrate to Office 365 to ongoing support and troubleshooting.


Dropbox could be described as one of the favourite cloud solutions for businesses and individuals across the world. Using Dropbox could provide fantastic collaboration features for your team, and an increase in productivity thanks to its ease of use.


Need Help with Cloud Services?

If you want to find out how Avagio can implement and manage a cloud service for your business gives us a call today on 01249 654 871.