Business Continuity

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if you lost your IT capability?

It’s a worrying thought that at any time your server could crash, your systems could be hacked, or your equipment could be destroyed.

In fact, figures tell us that 51% of small businesses who experience catastrophic data loss never recover.

Do you know how much would an hour of lost data cost your business? Find out now using our online calculator.

Your business relies on the availability of your critical data and network applications which is why our Managed IT Support includes comprehensive and reliable data back-up, business continuity and disaster recovery services.

Why Choose Avagio Business Continuity Services?

Our service will make sure that your business is completely protected by a range of flexible data backup and business continuity solutions.

In the event of an IT emergency, we want you to be confident that you will experience minimal downtime.

We have state of the art data back-up solutions and systems to enable your data to be recovered if it is lost. Or if you lose your server capability altogether we will move you to a secure, remote server farm that will have your business up and running again in an hour (Ultimate plan).

Not only do we check and monitor your IT and technology performance to reduce the risk of lost data each and every day we conduct back-ups every hour so you know with confidence that we can restore your data and leave your worry-free.

We then set up real-time replication of the local backups to our data centre so that your full server is replicated to the data centre.

If something goes wrong, we will proactively fix it (without you having to get involved) and confirm that your data is protected.

Our Disaster Recovery Process

Step 1 – Avagio Configure your Backups:

Our team will install our storage appliance and software on your servers. We configure the backups to run every hour during the day to the local storage appliance.

We then setup real-time replication of the local backups to the data centre so that your full server is replicated to the data centre.

Step 2 – We keep an eye on your data:

As your servers continue to back up on-site and then to our data centre, we monitor your backups to make sure everything is running smoothly.

If something goes wrong, we will proactively fix it and confirm that your data is protected.

Step 3 – Recover your data:

If you lose any critical data, we are at the end of the phone to immediately provide you with the support you need.

If you have accidentally deleted a file we can remotely access the system and restore it to your server or workstation.

If your server has crashed, we will dispatch one of our specialist network engineers to your site to restore your server or recover it as a virtual machine at the Avagio data centre until the original server can be repaired or replaced.

Finally, if you experience a total loss at your premises, such as in the event of a fire or flood, we will restore your server as a virtual machine on our virtualisation platform located in our carrier-grade data centre until you’re able to relocate your operations

Is it time to take the necessary steps towards securing your business? Give our team call on  01249 654 871 to find out more about our business continuity solutions.