So that we can deliver on our promise of Worry-Free IT, our team of IT professionals are not only on hand with advice and support when you need it, but working to ensure all of the regular monitoring of, and maintenance on, your systems is completed.

This work, much of which tends to be behind the scenes, whilst a critical part of what we do isn’t something we shout out about. Not because it’s not important but because it should be a given if you are receiving a quality managed IT Support service.

At the start of our relationship with you we will assess the current position of your IT and make recommendations on any immediate changes to make sure that it is working effectively, that your data is secure and protected and should the worst happen you can be up and running with minimal fuss.

We then put in place our robust program of maintenance services to ensure that we can deliver you peace of mind. Our remote monitoring and management system, SleepEasy, provides 24/7 remote monitoring and remediation 365 days a year. Our tailored solutions include:

24/7 Remote and Back Up Monitoring

Full 24 x 7 monitoring on all your servers and remote remediation (even at 3am in the morning) to ensure you are up and running when the working day begins.

Our system monitoring tools help us to identify if you are experiencing any network problems or are about to. (Typically, we call a client about an Internet drop before they even know it’s happened). This ensures not only that you receive a first class response and have minimum downtime but we can use the data to spot trends and proactively discuss upgrades with you to reduce the risk in the future.

Data back ups are critical for any business and need to be monitored every day. When takin g on new clients we often find they think regular back ups are taking place when the reality is very different. We keep an eye on your back ups, which take place every 24 hours, to ensure should the worst happen you can retrieve everything you need as part of your disaster recovery progress.

Monthly Reporting Packs

As with other aspects of your business regular reporting is invaluable. We believe in total transparency on what we are doing for you and provide regular reporting which can also help to spot trends or issues that need attention.

Our reporting pack includes:
• Weekly snapshot report
• Monthly management report

As with all reporting it only becomes an effective tool if the data provided is analysed and used to make informed decisions. This is why we hold regular review meetings with our clients to discuss and explain the results and jointly decide on any actions that might be required.

User Administration

Our team of experienced engineers will look after your businesses user accounts, whether you only have 10 employees or 100 our delivery service includes user administration which covers the following:

• Adding new users and making sure everything is working
• Managing passwords
• Removing users and dealing with them after they leave such as redirecting emails etc.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Cleaning your system from viruses and spyware is challenging and time consuming. Most IT Support companies don’t include this service within their fixed managed IT service contracts – we do.
Software Patch Updates.

Software is always being updated as bugs are fixed and security issues are addressed. As part of our service, we make sure that everything is up-to-date and running as it should be.

Vendor Liaison & Support for Third Party Applications

It isn’t productive for your team to be spending time dealing with other IT related suppliers such as Internet Service Providers, which is why as part of our managed IT Support we deal with them on your behalf. We can liaise with third party suppliers on your behalf to ensure seamless integration with your IT infrastructure including:
• Copier companies
• 3rd party software support
• Telephony companies
• Web hosting companies
• CCTV suppliers etc.

Out of Hours Server Maintenance

It may seem obvious that we ensure your routine server maintenance is completed out of hours to reduce disruption and downtime but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. And what’s more and we don’t charge extra for doing it! It’s all just part of how we provide Worry Free IT.
To find out how we can deliver a robust, fully managed IT Service to your business call our team on 01249 654871.