Our advice and guidance on all things IT is the cornerstone of our manged support service.  At the start of our relationship with you we will be on hand to support and guide both you and your staff with any questions or issues you have around your IT.

In order to advise you correctly we need to have a thorough understanding of your business, not only where you are now, but your future goals and ambitions.  This is why we take the time to get to know your business during our initial on boarding process and throughout the relationship.

Strategic IT Consultancy

Our focus as your IT partner is to ensure that your technology not only works effectively today but can support you to achieve your future business goals.  We aren’t here simply to retain the status quo or dictate what you need to do and tell you why it is important.

As part of our strategic IT consultancy we will discuss and analyse your future goals, challenges and changes, and use this information to work with you in a number of ways:

Making Sure your IT Performs

Under-performing technology is not only detrimental to your business efficiency but can also be demoralising for your staff.

As part of our managed IT support our team analyses your network trends, security and performance on an ongoing basis. The results are then used to identify your IT weaknesses in terms of any areas that require immediate attention as well as highlighting potential issues so that you can take appropriate action before the worst happens.

Creating a Worry-Free IT Future

Along with your business, IT and technology is constantly changing, developing and innovating. We will work with you to create a Technology Roadmap aligned to your business goals which enables you to plan and budget for future changes to your IT infrastructure.  This is regularly reviewed with you and adapted to reflect changes to your business.

Supporting your team

As well as strategic advice and guidance to the business owners and management team our team are on hand to support your team so that they get the best from the systems and software you use.

Our help desk is manned by experienced engineers with a genuine love of helping your staff resolve their IT issues.  Our team are committed to providing an efficient and pro-active response to your queries and keeping you up to date throughout which is why we constantly exceed industry Customer Satisfaction Scores.

Investing in your IT Skills

At Avagio we are great believers in sharing our IT knowledge with local businesses which is why we not only run, or are involved in, a number of  IT events across Wiltshire but offer training specifically designed to upskill internal teams in a range of IT related topics including Microsoft Office or Data Security.

For more information about how your team could benefit from some IT Training contact us on 01249 654871.

Security Awareness Training

In today’s security conscious environment it is important that your entire team understand the risks associated with data security and the importance of a robust cyber security process.

Our Security Awareness Training is proving very popular with businesses across Wiltshire to help their employees about computer and cyber security including how to identify cyber threats or understanding the importance of safely managing data.

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